SLE recognises that the growing demand for high value food commodities must open up opportunities for all farmers including those in rural ares, to diversify towards commodities with strong potential for higher returns to land, labour and capital. Due to the apprehension about the capability of the smallholder farmer to participate in the market oriented production due to their lack of access to markets, capital, inputs, technology and extension services. SLE fills the gaping gap between the smallholder farmer and the markets and creates links between the different role players in food production in the supply chain.

Our Company

SLE is a company incorporated to assist the rural farmers to get their fresh produce from the field to the market through technological innovation and community co-operation.


Our strategy is to facilitate a system that links the farmer to other agricultural role players from the planting stage of the produce to the logistical part where the end user is a supermarket, local grocery store, exporter. SLE creates faster and more efficient ways to communicate with all the players and get the produce from the field to the consumer in a timeous manner and while the produce is in a good state.


The produce and people that SLE works with is organic farmers and organic produce that is planted in small quantities in rural areas by smallholder farmers. The produce ranges from fresh tomatoes, potatoes, chillies to leafy vegetables and beans. 

Environment & Sustainability

SLE deals with smallholder farmers who use old ways of farming and who are not mechanising. Because the farmers are working alone and with their hands, the environment is protected and job opportunities are created and protected. The way of farming for the smallholder is sustainable and envirnomentally friendly as they each work with small pieces of land and at the end combine their produce to sell to bigger consumers or buyers.