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SLE provides a range of services for different role players in the supply chain process of the South African agricultural sector with a special focus on rural farmers. Our products include seeds, fertilizers and, of course, the end product, which is the fresh vegetables. By providing a platform for seed sellers, fertilizer and pesticide companies, farmers and transport companies to work together, we ensure efficient planting, as well as immediate and smooth transport of the fresh produce from the field directly to the consumer.


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I am a Farmer.

The farmers working with SLE live in rural areas of South Africa and farm in about 1/4 ha of arable land. They are in need of functioning means of transport to access bigger markets.


I am a Transporter.

Although SLE has its own transport to take the produce to consumers and buyers, we aim to incorporate people with own transport for the purpose of job creation. This benefits locals as they can make a living by transporting seeds, fertilisers, and fresh produce to the relevant people.

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I am a Buyer.

By using our App, supermarkets, exporters, and individuals can order and receive their produce in record time from close-by local farmers.

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I have a Nursery.

SLE rural farmers require high-quality seeds to ensure the marketability of the produce in order to successfully meet the increasing global demand for high-value commodities and to promote general dietary health standards.

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I am a Pesticides and Fertilizers Vendor.

Farmers often need expert advice on fertilizer and pesticides. However, smallholder farmers in rural areas barely have access to this knowledge as experts are often remote and inaccessible. We work with fertilizer companies to bridge this gap in an affordable and fast way.

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