August 30, 2018

SLE showcases new projects in CT

​The sustainable vertical farming structure aims to address smallholder farmers' lack of access to decent housing, electricity, clean drinking water, and limited agricultural land access to farm in. While the app virtualises the agricultural supply chain for smallholder farmers, which allows them to trade safely and competitively as well as to access learning material that relates to their farming activities.


May 27, 2018

Cape Talk Radio interview with our Managing Director

Aspiring social entrepreneurs create App to assist rural & urban farmers

May 29, 2018

Press Release

​Spes Legacies (SLE) a youth owned business, is launching a Farming Market Place App and a Vertical Farming Solution on 26 July 2018 in Cape Town. 

SLE has designed an outdoor Vertical farming Structure, called ALI the Tech enhanced farm. ALI combines technology and ecological awareness that includes a living space or product storage for the smallholder farmer who owns it. It incorporates a sensor-based irrigation system, an umbrella-like device for collecting rain water, solar panels and is a convenient safe, fast and storage facility. Along with the structure they have created a marketplace App offering an immediate answer-based communication system between farmers, transporters and buyers (Supermarkets, restaurants, etc). The project aims to pull rural farmers and township farmers out of extreme poverty by turning them into economic role players. The project was created by the youth and is getting some international interest and South African government support.  


The Spes Legacies’ project, aims at contributing to poverty alleviation, assist the governments objective of creating adequate housing, creating employment, reducing the negative effects of urbanization and the crime related to it. The project will also allow communities to be self-sustaining, making big strides towards alleviating third world poverty issues with South Africa at the helm. 

The event in July will focus mainly on the App and then showcase the 3D Plan for the vertical farming structure.

The launch in July will be attended by international councils and organisations such as the Newton Fund and the Royal Academy of Engineering, government groups, government officials, Farmers, NGO’s as well as academics from UCT. 



Date:  Thursday, 30 Aug 2018

Time: 18h00

Venue:  Southern Sun Cape Sun, 23 Strand Street, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000, South Africa 

Please RSVP by responding to this email with name and contact information.

There will be opportunities for photographs and interviews. Pre event interviews are also available. The founder Miss Nokulunga Zondi is available to answer any questions you may have regarding the project.


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Penuel Sibiya 

Media Manager 

Spes Legacies